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Joseph Mecruio, PE, BSEE

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Professional Consultant


Joe Mercurio has been a Professional Engineer in Ohio since 1975. He received a BEE degree from Cleveland State University in June 1970, and has worked in various T&D and generation areas for FirstEnergy and its predecessor, Ohio Edison, for over 38 years until his retirement at the end of 2007.  He has extensive experience in power plant equipment and auxiliary system designs, and in particular, protective relaying and control systems. In his last five years with FirstEnergy he specialized in the application, installation and programming of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories micro-processor based, multi-function generator, motor and transformer protective relays. Mr. Mercurio also worked on the development of communication processor networks to extract analog and digital data from the SEL relays.

You can contact Joe at jmercurio@lanierconsult.com.

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